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A Practical Guide to Staying Sane While Doing Good - in Book Form!



Fundraise Awesomer - video proof of the coolest book ever!

Have you ever dreamed of reading a book that puts the FUN in fundraising? A book that doesn't sound like a snooty academic professor wrote it as part of his or her doctorate requirement? A book that has internet memes all over?  Congrats! Look no further! Your dream has come true!  

Come take a gander and the greatest book about fundraising ever written with a word that doesn't exist in the English language in the title!  

What's This Book All About!?

This humorous how-to is for any fundraising professional looking to elevate their relationships with current and prospective donors. Patrick's bite-sized nuggets of wisdom on time management and the importance of gratitude is a must-have source of do-good inspiration and a template for structuring your work week in a way that optimizes your time and talents. 

Fundraise Awesomer breaks down the work week into daily, purpose-driven tasks. Mondays are for Planning. Tuesdays are for Doing. Wednesdays are for Documenting. Thursdays are for Celebrating. Fridays are for Appreciating. You'll learn quickly how it works and instantly become a more prepared, productive and prosperous development professional!



super fun Advanced Praise for Fundraise Awesomer!


“Patrick’s unique perspective on fundraising, irreverent take on the way things have always been in the philanthropy industry, and accessible sense of humor, makes this a fun, and totally relatable read for both the grizzled nonprofit vet and the bright eyed do-gooder newbie.”

-Scott Bintz, Entrepreneur and Best Selling Author of “Principles to Fortune”


"It's rare to find a book that offers practical business strategies wrapped in witty anecdotes and hilarious euphemisms, but that's what Patrick Kirby delivers in Fundraise Awesomer. Get a simple, easy-to-implement framework that will make you so excited about finding your next donor, you might even pump a fist in the air."

-Rebecca Undem, Speaker and Author of “How Mommy Got Her Groove Back”


“If there was a more enthusiastic human being for helping nonprofits achieve greatness and help reignite their passion for fundraising, I’ve yet to meet that person. This book is a perfect reflection of Patrick’s mission to lift up everyone in the nonprofit world, written in a funny, authentic and entertaining way.”

-Mark Lindquist, Nationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker, Author and Entertainer


“This book should not just be in the hands of the development directors, but presidents, CEO’s, Executives and Board Members. It is a perspective and road map for everyone involved in fundraising!” 

- Nukhet Hendricks, Executive Director of Homeward Animal Shelter 


“A brilliant, fun strategy laid out by an audaciously positive professional with years of successful fundraising experience.  Written in Patrick's inimitable style, you can hear and feel his enthusiasm in every word.  This book will help you and the world to do well by doing good." 

– Marc deCelle, Best Selling Author of “How Fargo of You”